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Shipping and Delivery


We have two different fulfilment centers in the United States and China. After your order is complete, it takes us 1-2 business days to process your order and prepare for shipping center. If there is a lack of inventory for your nearest location, we will ship your order from our main fulfilment center in China where we stock a large quantity and range of the products.

We use SFexpress, China Post, USPS or Fedex to ship our order based on your location and available inventory.

Delivery time range from 5-15 days and on average (10 Days) if you are not in USA, If you are in USA the delivery is much faster with an average 1 week or quicker. Otherwise, we ship your order and provide you the tracking number within 24 hours. 


Once your order is shipped please allow up 48 hours for the tracking number to be fully updated on the post office system. It is highly recommended you download Shop app via to track your order status.

Wrong address

While you purchase a product, you must enter your correct shipping address, otherwise, if the provided shipping address in incorrect someone else will collect your product because you provided incorrect address, and we take no responsibility if you provide wrong address. 

However, if you notify us regarding your wrong address within 12 hours of your delivery, we are highly likely to update you order shipping address. 

Please ensure you enter correct shipping address. We do our best to deliver your purchased product to you faster and more conveniently.

Lost or Stolen Package

We do our best to help you receive your product on time and without any hassle. But if you face a circumstance i.e. your tracking app says that your package is delivered and you have received it please contact your shipping carrier. Alternatively, you can reach out our customer service here.

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